Board of Directors

Tammie  Nelson
Past President
Paul  Heffley
VP of Communications
Rachel  Pijlman
VP of Finance
Cindy  Burt

The Vice President of Finance acts as treasurer for the Chapter. The VP of Finance oversees the management of funds, is responsible for all moneys and payment of all bills, and prepares an operating budget and a financial report. The VP of Finance manages all financial arrangements for meetings including the registration desk, collection of fees and payment to the facility. 

VP of Membership

Robert "Woody" Wood

The Vice President of Membership oversees general member management and is responsible for member retention, growth and turnover.  This position facilitates Continuing Credential Requirements system (CCRS) activity on behalf of the membership and analyzes member data on the PMI Chapter Reporting System.

Director of Events

Hiba  Jameel
VP of Volunteers

Amber  Wilson

The Vice President of Volunteers oversees the planning of volunteers for Chapter needs, maintaining the Volunteer Management System (VMS), managing the Intern Program, and general volunteer management.  Responsibilities include volunteer recruitment, coordination, and tracking of volunteer hours.