Public Announcements


2016 Fall Conference

As the Project Management Institute, Oklahoma City Chapter continues to feel the effects of the local economy we made a difficult decision and regret to announce that the workshops for our Fall Conference, scheduled for 17-18 November, has been rescheduled. Both speakers will be scheduled to deliver their workshops in the Spring of 2017. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The Project Management Institute's Board of Directors would like to extend our appreciation to the volunteer project manager Megan Randolph and the Moore Norman Technology Center.

The PMI OKC chapter will have regular board meetings over the next couple months and have a great program put together for the upcoming Spring Conference. For more information please continue to reference the PMI OKC website (, PMI OKC Social Media and e-mails.

Rachel Keen, PMP
Vice President of Communications
Project Management Institute OKC