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Looking for a volunteer PMI Educational Foundation Liaison [PMIEF Liaison]

The PMIEF Liaison provides a vital communications and activities link between the PMI Educational Foundation and the PMI Chapter for the purpose of promoting awareness of PMIEF and providing increased value for PMI Chapter members. 

What is PMIEF?

  •  A non-profit charitable organization that champions project management for educational and social good.
  • 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and a supporting organization within PMI.
  • PMIEF gives grants, awards, and scholarships from donations to facilitate or develop new programs, products and resources.


PMIEF has 3 areas of focus:

  • Preparing youth for success in life through the use of projects to teach primary and secondary school students project management skills. Also training teachers in the use of PM.
  • Helping students realize their dreams through academic and professional development scholarships.
  • Helping nonprofit and NGO organizations use their limited resources more efficiently and effectively by increasing their PM capacity



  • Attend PMIEF virtual trainings, webinars and monthly teleconferences.
  • Become knowledgeable about PMIEF programs, products and resources.
  • Remain in communication with the PMIEF Liaison Program Administrator (staff contact) and update the PMIEF staff contact if anything changes regarding your status as PMIEF Liaison or your contact information.
  • Use the online ‘PMIEF Activity Form for PMI Chapters’ to report back to PMIEF about any chapter programs for social good.
  • Subscribe to and remain up-to-date with two PMIEF monthly e-newsletters: ‘PM For Social Good’ and the ‘PMIEF Liaison Newsletter’.
  • Communicate to your PMI Chapter Board the wealth of PMIEF resources the board can utilize and the opportunities for partnering with PMIEF.
  • Provide ongoing education to your PMI Chapter board and members about PMIEF.
  • Communicate to your PMI Chapter members about the PMIEF resources they can utilize (PMIEF newsletter, scholarships, awards, learning resources, etc.)
  • Advocate for the coordination and use of PMIEF resources by your PMI Chapter and/or its members (only when deemed appropriate). Re
  • present the interests of PMIEF to your PMI Chapter, its board, and members.
  • Promote PMIEF academic scholarships, awards, and training scholarships among your PMI Chapter members and local community, as appropriate.
  • Facilitate the sharing of ideas specific to the creation of new programs from your PMI Chapter to PMIEF.
  • Suggest new charitable programs and products for PMIEF consideration.


Qualification and Requirements:  To qualify, all candidates must be PMI OKC members in good standing.  PMI Certification or Credential is not required. 

Instructions:  Candidates should submit their interest with the following information:

  • Bio and vision for serving PMI OKC in the desired position. Total work should not exceed 250 words. 
  • Color profile photo (300x300 pixels) to be used on the ballot

Members may be self-nominated or nominated by others. 

Submissions should be sent to PMI OKC President, Tammie Nelson at 

Please note the nomination window will close on Tuesday, July 19th, 2016 at 10:00 PM CST.